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the Soil being firft made very Rich, if [tiff, with

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VI. The Qualities, Specification , Preparations and.

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grinding it, and lifting it through a fine Sieve. A

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infrequently committed to routine and perform simple tasks by rote

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majoris , iG/i *w//w Cocbleato Semine , SalfoLe genus

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ry Fear renewed, the old being caft rff. Thefe, whe-

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Ins acris Cf impenfa calida eft, altifque Lridtbus fi-

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as the firfl before defcribed , and of which a great

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one String ; they are not large, but grow almoft after

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clears, ftrengthens and preferves the Eye-light, efpe-

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or with reddilh green Leaves, they not differing one

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breadth long , an Inch and half broad , divided into

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ami dementia. Under the first head he gives twenty-two deaths,

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spasm of the inspiratory muscles, noticeably the diaphragm.

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fomewhat dented about the edges, green on the upper

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duties did a great deal of charitable work among the poor of

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difference between that and this is, that the former

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both in its Leaves, which are of a little frejher green

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I. / T' H E Karnes. It is called in Greek, q>* *-

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and again in fome, it is a very deep Red, and fome-

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You instructed your committee in 1890 to employ counsel and

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comes forth two or three fmall Cods, joined together,

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and larger Winged Leaves , fet one againjl another,

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in feveral places , and that as well in wet Grounds

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Flowers are white, Jianding at the tops of the Stalks,

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Ulcers, and cleanfes them, and if' there is a want of

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for it attenuates thick Humors, digelts Crudities’

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tine it is called, VI ant ago (a Plant a Vocabulo: )

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the Ears, called the Kings-Evil, it breaks them, and

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rarkinlon is not of that Opinion , and fays that it

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Milk in Nutfes : it expels Wind, and eafes Pains of

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two or three Feet in length, of a frelh green Color,

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by primary union. This is not a perfect anatomical result, but the