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ready of sight and quick of hand to be able to seize a

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and the degree of the attachment will depend somewhat upon the

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M.D., Chairman of the AMS Physicians Health Committee as

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istics of grandparents or remote ancestors. Darwin's

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Case XI. — R. II., aged thirty-five years. External ure-

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movable, are very poor, for there are exceedingly few

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was directed to express to Dr. Wood the sincere sympathy of the

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severe pains in the right iliao region, had been sick all night,

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tion was established, the emollient fomentations had to be omitted,

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tion I may state that in a conversation I had a few days since

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tliey were at the instant of the seizure. On some days these attacks took

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when he arrived the boy was nearly dead. There were

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slight physiologic resistance at the level of the cricoid cartilage, the

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Nothing is said as to the average duration of the disease nor the mortality

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in all their actions : when he sees discordant actions in any

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the most certain means of curing asthma, whatever its origin

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granted, and it is expected that the New England, the Central,

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135 Vaccination In Alabama — What Does it Prove? W. H. Sandersr

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How much of his success in the recovery of his patients was

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acids, and. with considerable beuciit, not only during the paroxysm,

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most cases there is not the slightest elevation of temperature during the

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make a satisfactory economic, or what might be called

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value of the attention now paid to helminthiasis (this being the

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disseminated throughout the various organs of the body.

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ing cortex or cord had some influence shown by the resulting individual

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tonsillitis (7:28). Xo special search was made for these organisms,

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Art. XII. — On a Peculiar Black Discoloration of the Skin of

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triotism and friendliness. The good results of this

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trolytic operations. The electrolytic effect is gener-

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a softness to the taste, and it is suggested that they act in. a

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oughly cleansed and dried, the fractured bones being kept at

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lighterage, and wliich will, it is anticipated, have a most bene-

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the front of the thigh. Insertion, into the upper edge of the patella.