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ation to find out and treat the trouble by exploration. It is a
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which are readily recognized by their large, sharply defined, oval nuclei.
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electric wave generated at a distance, and striking the
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were doing well and progressing favorably, the treatment of
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and a single Doctor. The Bill contains many other practical
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gradually in 70 days. After two years I saw the patient; pleased
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thoroughness in the instruction. Of course, there is much variety
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The common juniper is a shrub often growing to the height
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intercurrently in some cases of rheumatism and of the essential fevers.
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months or years of attacks not infrequently the patient will
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tartar emetic, and salines, during collapse, at short intervals. . (Tartar
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process, and great care is required in these animals to
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acquainted with the work of a casualty clearing station will
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during tlie whole progress of this extraordinary disease, the most
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octavo, 410 pages, illustrated. Flexible leather, $2.00 net.
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absence of typhoid fever bacilli from the stools are to be
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weight. During the spring and summer the cough disappeared and the
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influence the circulation. (1) A primitive force, the nature of
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especially in Russia, is the further development of a species of Ligula,
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The existence of two generations or groups of parasites may,
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sioning too vivid stimulation of the cerebral organs, perverts
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from the developmental standpoint. Here, as elsewhere,
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1 During this comparative study every precaution was taken to avoid contaminating one
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ment extolling some particular pepsin. That this condi-
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parts, reinforcing this with appropriate tonic and antisyphilitic con-
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produce digestive disturbances. These patients need not
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lessly anatomically diseased, may be functionally healthy and for a long time
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voice are transmitted to the diseased lung, while no sensa-
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tions effective in the rabbit. Councilman succeeded in producing a
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would seem, therefore, that a tropical climate predisposes certain
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however, were soft in the mixed-ration lot and some from the others
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Insects — and disease, 849 ; household, and hydrocy-
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reactions varies widely, according to the seat of the lesion.
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or less stimulating treatment. In these cases the pathological condition
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and most satisfactory form of treatment, but on account of their fears
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formed the subject of the inquiry there was the possibility, at all events, that