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like smoke rings, when globulin is present in large amounts.
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and the danger to the eye is not so great as the danger from an iridectomy.
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known deadbeats ? It is easy to find those who say they
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in the vegetations on the valves of the heart or large arteries
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case there exists this infective condition, and further evidence is
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graduating exercises in one of our graded scho )ls. A pleasing pro-
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sediment resembling coffee-grounds. Occasionally the liquid is bright
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Case 7. — A man, aged 52, entered the hospital Nov. 3, 1913. A diagnosis
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as liable as other officers to break down under the ex-
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dilate up to such point as the meatus would admit, and the most of us
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less given in the earliest stages of the in- pro i nged operation; (i) the prevention of
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of a portion of the work, additions were required to bring up the subjects to the existing con-
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has crept into the literature of the subject by the ex-
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adds to the bulk of the matter experimented on, and
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employed to diminish by contraction of the pupil the access of light to the
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an intracranial tumor merely because the tumor cannot be located. These
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& fifth point of importance is specific gravity,
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and 14% of the correctional population may have major
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pages of the volume. A noteworthy feature of these papers is the illustra-
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5. For diarrhoea, and for flux of the bowels, and for
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A Treatise on Hysteria and Epilepsy, with some Concluding Obser-
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ways associated with the disease, may be due tto the retention and
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vision will also link the patient— cardiac, diabetic,
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six months ])reviously in the femur. The surgeon attending the man at
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tinal mucosa, the healing of which must be assisted, and the relief
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tions sufficiently favorable enough to induce me to give
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thoroughwort, lobelia, or astringent tonic, as the case
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weighing the entire body of an animal, and then carefully ascertaining the
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easy and natural; bowels slightly constipated, full and a
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limbs were mechanically confined in an extended position. These spofr
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mends as media giving the best results potato and a medium made
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ciency. Death occurred at the age of eighteen years,
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pigmentation of the skin as a sequence of typhoid fever,