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for which a medical gentleman ordered her to take ten drops of lauda-
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contrary, diminishes, or if it cease completely, as in the cancerous
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adjunct in the treatment of Prostatitis, acute and chronic. The
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and say: "If you can cure me of the sweat, I will be well;" and then at
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The Late Dr. Henry W. Rand.— At a meeting of the col-
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polypi by caustics^ and removes the larger fibromata by cutting or
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the entire sediment from a centrifuged tube of urine and deposit it on
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and cancer. Wm. E. Ground (11) finds immediate suture
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conditions in the right iliac fossa are mainly operative by causing a
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matism and neuralgia in resident foreigners, it is interest-
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pi'ior to the fifth day. In cases which end in recovery, the convalescence is
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the voice of the medical profession will never cease to sound
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vinced that the method is harmless, it will be very difficult for
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/Etiology and Pathogenesis.— Obesity is a disease of all ages, though
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eczema may heal and does heal spontaneously, provided the chief requi>
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same locality. Nearly all, however, were at one in the
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superficial fascia dilate more readily, and can less
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ral ; the right side of the thorax sounds comparatively dull on per-
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any kind — to be perpetually in the presence of these lunatics — it
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Melanotic growths are neither very hard nor very soft, especi-
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generalization of the disease. Gastrotomy was performed, for this pur-
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case progressed favorably from this time on, without any
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whether the heart is in good condition. If there is no longer present
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but exceptional cases, our experience leads us to believe that the
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Cause. — The cause is a specific ferment or poison, the
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gentian, peppercorns, cusparia, etc., has been of the greatest
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5th) I was interested to see an article by Dr. N. W. Rand
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the phenomena ; for in ordinary, syncope we have the same pallor and
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appearance suggests a soft fibroma, or slow-growing spindle-celled