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We may also make mistakes in diagnosis when there is other inflam-

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exact figures being 9.16 to 4.55, and 9.52 to 4.90. In the next decade, 80-90,

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obtained, nor was there any shifting dulness. The abdominal con-

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lUs case lasted long enough to give some idea of the type. His chill came on in the evening,

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absorption or the swallowing of septic material in cases

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medicine has done its work and should be stopped, to

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enlarged, and there existed but very little leucorrhoea.

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the author just quoted, that it was from the Spanish physi-

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one of its many departments is now in working trim,

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tumours press upon the large veins at the root of the neck, during violent

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acter." Environment may influence the individual, but apparently has

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ing the plow. The involuntary movements of the lungs in breath-

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of these two ways ; but to deny the effect of range of tem-

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sition in that specialty. He was the author of numer-

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hog, pass thence into the blood and are so transferred to the

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these means faithfully persevered in, together with the wearing

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P. Lachapelle, Montreal : First Vice-President, Dr. Clark, Dean of

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conditions at length, since in a sense they do not come under the ordinary

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margin of which the iris closely adhered. The vision was

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Graafian follicle ; the tunica vasculosa. T. ▼er-

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" That their duty and right to exercise such remedial

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without any anaesthesia, and was due to a malignant growth which

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they affect and act on the nervous, as well as on the vascular system,

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and a glass drainage-tube was introduced. A thick layer of

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it proceeds to a certain point only ; some of the members recover

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probably because males suffer so much more frequently from head injury

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the Great to wait a whole night for his turn to consult him.

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especially if advanced — being a giave source of danger. It is of great impor-

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munized children of the same age. The illnesses that were

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ca/e, recommends the following method for the relief of

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was a child when his parents moved to Kentucky, there he grew up, and

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physiology of the act of breathing, for it was not until

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although I must confess that until recently I had no

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the pull .on the tendon suture. Primary suture is better than

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of the scheme. It would, no doubt, be the fact that every

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the attacks come on, and the abruptness with which they subside and