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and the many n arieties of gaseous baths and inhalations. Of
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removing the uterus (and that is quite often possible).
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98-103. . The reconstruction of the lid border in en-
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part by their original authors, and in many instances they have
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presence of heat and moisture. The beginning of many epidemics could
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There have been 399 deaths due to the premature occurrence
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eaten but little, and above all, that he had an ulcer in his leg, the absorption
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long ago, usually on more than one occasion, and then were somehow
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Manufacturing Company. It contains much less acid and does not give
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coughing or sneezing pain became severe and shooting. On
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fection to the stomach and other parts. Hanging-drop
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duct, jaundice is a generally marked symptom and the
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contracted, especially at the heels; the heels getting high, the
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nothing and was wholly unresponsive to questions even when
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a matter, after the labor commences, there is something wrong,
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The products of inflammation (by exudation) are serum, blood.
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was to the individual, now the responsibility is to the state.
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four years he had never administered mercury to a syphilitic patient
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A community is exposed to infection year after year and little is done
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to be especially serviceable in diphtheria, in fact in affections of the respira-
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of their salt diet. Yet Morris says that "salted meats are inducive of
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present Professor Nencki was able to isolate (by evap-
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Sir, — In compliance with your request, I have written a stalennent of
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Dr. Sippt: Yes; but it is not so delicate as with the spinal fluid.
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light on the true elementary composition of our substance. V. Fiirth fur-
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the germs most frequent and important, staphylococcus
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sibilant rales were heard over the same area. On the
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make an early diagnosis which would otherwise be overlooked until later,
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cially common when there is a certain interval of time between the first
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North Carolina who are not using Wassermanns now, who are not
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1848 ; on the 25th he was sent from the country, and admitted into