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disease was irremovable. Palliative surgical treatment,

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mittee who are delegated to pass upon the can afford to buy all the high priced chemi-

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tion. It is indicated when the intestine is very friable

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plan, there are wide differences in origin, in the type of individual cases,

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from the border of the sternum. Auscultation: — A murmur occurring

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in Hartford, and diphtheria late in the month to some

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Committee, not being here, and there l)eing but one member

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demand on our confidence in the latter when he propounds the

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will sometimes succeed in arresting the disease. It often mitigates the

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2. The mucous membrane of the nasal cavity is covered

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which soon disappeared after giving up alcoholic liquors, he

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bodies, or the more heterogeneous morbid products. . . . It is certain that

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cord, and peripheral nerve lesions, as well as of function-

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4. Infected and uninfected linen were sent to one and the same laundress.

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of bladder tuberculosis, I think the cases are good ones to leave alone,

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the operation obviates the necessity for further opening of the mastoid, the

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Chart III.— Adrenalin hydrochloride 1 to 100,000; 0.5 cc per kilogram in Dobell's

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been covered with a pine forest. This is the poorer soil of the

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the sudden disappearance of the most brilliant stars indicates that other

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jelly-like vibration is sometimes perceptible by the finger used to

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and vaginal incisions were both closed with interrupted sutures

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sudden scream and a rush of pupils, nurses, and patients to a

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may truly be styled the mirror of the soul, in which is reflected

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ring in a woman of 35, who first noticed the abdominal tumor

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lobes of the cerebellum. This fact furnished an ex-

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therefore, persons beyond this period of life are said to have typhoid fever,

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clean with ultra Mohammedan strictness. Let him refrain from

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we are able to do for the patient in a surgical way. We are given

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Gaz. des hopitaux, 1884, No. 50, p. 393. 23. Idem. Progres med. 1887, No. 23, p.

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etre terrifies par toute affection nouvelle, comme s'ils etaient en face de

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are rare as compared to their frequency in chronic interstitial

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of the arm, and there was no swelling nor visible tumour. It

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done in the way of preventing it by care, cleanliness, and anti-