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frowns, and occasionally flushes. In a child over five years of age
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totomy was here out of the question, as in such a case it
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standing recent statements that such was an impossibihty. He
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mercial quinidine in an iron vessel with neutral oxalate of ammonia
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some secondary lesion arising as a complication. Thus pneumonia has
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coronoid process and down to the angle of the lower jaw-bone
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Cases have been reported by Spencer Wells, Keith, Tait, Greig, Smith,
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vided at Saint Agnes Family Center. Its current func-
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fashion with the sanitary future of Principe, and the last part
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antiseptic precaution (see hydrothorax), care being taken to avoid
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occupying a straigliter line from outer to inner canthus than when
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taly PosthippocampalyPostoccipitaly PostorbUaly Post-
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There is another feature which ought to be taken into considera-
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siderable expansion was required to bring the book into line
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for current construction; the $23,000, the last figure
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pancreatic and hepatic secretions, and absorption takes place in an
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not add a gastroenterostomy at the time of the opera-
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cussions the necessity of stamping out the plague was
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passed under the tendon of the external rectus muscle and the
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Manpower requirements in these standards apply to patient
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counselling such measures as may favor the gradual attenuation of
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or future use because they are broken, worn-out, dis-
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festly incapable of admitting into their vessels from the right ven-
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gave the following list of symptoms. She complained of severe
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form of trichinosis ; the adult infests the intestinal
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and (4) in pathologic cases, the size of the heart chambers. The results are, therefore,
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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his
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who will make an honest effort to overcome the recurrent
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ordinary indolent inguinal bubo, the glands which lie along the iliac vessels
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treatment that differs very little from that in vogue
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tality among infants whose mothers go out to get their livings. He points
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