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These are the absolute number of deaths ; the number of

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self-imposing as those described by Dr. Manson as marking the

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1. Dannreuther, W. T. : Leiomyosarcoma of uterus; identity,

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the patient usually loses his appetite, and they do not pay any attention

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as when the calkins of the shoe are entangled in a railway point,

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ticles) from the previous day. The analysis showed :

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increased use more appropriate than fat meats. Every person

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had been under his observation some years ago. That case,

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for being themselves and allowing me to be me, my friends for enduring difhcult times

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others, showing a more extensive alteration, while few or many may be

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Death occurs in serious cases usually after two to three weeks, unless

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writer supervised the treatment of 75 cases of Type I pneumonia with

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occur in groups or small aggregations, and may take the form in one

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gitis, when it is developed abruptly, that is, without a prodromic period,

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and not usually, as in earlier stage of this instance, the protru-

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a group of bacilli, as causes of dysentery, and each has formulated

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this process can be repeated from day to day, or as often as

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ling countenance, a peculiarly suppressed voice, a peculiar odour

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that ''Winther of Andernach never used a knife except for

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in this instance, the latter is less important from the fact, that it is

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umbilical cord occurs is as 1 to 254 births. The author, how-

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tendency to breaking up. Even in more advanced cases witii lung

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all> been caused by the surgeon in an attempt to forcibly

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matocele or from a haemorrhagic ovarian cyst, one of which seemed to

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of other disease in old age, it may well be asked how it comes to occur in

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Fig. 32. — The fontanelle pulse taken by means of a system

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when on a strict diet they had no such effect. On the obesity thy-

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trations. New York: William Wood & Co., 1884. Pp.

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