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or within three or four days at the latest. It came out sometimes dxu-ing

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out without difficulty and pain, and then always with the root-sheath

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which are Incorporated the Meeults of Twenty-five Tearr Ohtervatione previouiUf

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The apartments of sick persons should be frequently and thor-

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the subject is merely uninteresting, but that his mind

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YII. Cleanliness of body is a special point to be at-

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chief feature of which is a joint so that it can be

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When it exists, the nervous origin of the dermatoses in Avhicli it is

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not their counterpart in every portion of Europe, except

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country perhaps much more, is gratuitous, with no other compen-

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combining the information gained by the eye, by touch

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ments for this year, which amounted to $4,441, left a bal-

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astringents; but unfortunately my experiments do not contirm it. A twelve hours

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cies of confervse, like those which develop with extreme rapidity in saccharine

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Our colleges, which have done such excellent work, and never

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can be no question of its utility within the limits claimed by Brown-

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tory for experimentation in mental science by Wilhelm Wundt.

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was performed. The speaker incised the viscera in the direc-

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violent action of the heart is one of its main features.

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have had no influence in checking the disease. The medi-

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ject, and every contingency likely to arise. The important

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to that of Dr. Rochester. He treated sixty cases of out-door patients

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cases in which chloroform narcosis was prolonged for three

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with a view to suggesting means for the better protection

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mentioned. The use of medicines is sometimes criticized when one

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the disease has terminated on account of the temporary absence of

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pneumococci were encountered more frequently on the surface of the

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in which it differs from man are exaggerated in the Cynocephalus ; that

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Human science is not yet prepared to answer. And if the medical man, in

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i Lebert's Anatomic Pathologique Genlrale et Speciale, lav. 10, 11.

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parts of figs, of pellitory, of each p. X- iv. of mustard p. X- viii.

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disappear. You see now that they have left a trace^ bat

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on the station ship which goes to Japan or China about

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463.— Stahl-Schrodier (M.) Chemical compcjsition aud