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lead workers. By ignoring other adverse health effects, and

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MASTOIDITIS, HYSTERICAL. {N. Y. Med. Jr., May 9.)— Sheppaid reports

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Asa Hopkius Churchill, at his home in Meriden, Conn., October

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Stockwell, G. A., cholera, its proper aspects and its management,

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The amount of stimulus produced by dry heat^ is much greater

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Smith, Frank Lewis Univ. N. Y., '75 Stafford Springs.

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Cathartics, use of, as recommended by the committee of

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powers of resistance to bacterial infection are depressed. I will brieflj'- men-

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The necropsy showed general peritonitis and gangrene of 3

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Xap/Lia i.i£y avQpGQ7toi6i, hcchgov OeXurffp odvvaaov.

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I find it is not.common for a person to eject so many hard substances

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recognized. It has no specific importance in the process greater than

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healing remain permanent. Breaking doAvn generally occurs as a

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struction is terrible. To illustrate the third law, one may ex-

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gauze when oozing was troublesome. He considered tliat gauze acted as a

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for science to locate and determine the nature of the irritant.

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this causes pain. This is the second degree viceable, since thus the perirenal support is

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" It is certain that those pathological and physiological processes

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qui inciderant, haud facile septimum diem superabant . qui superabant, longin-

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consumption, because the large mass of the people is highly

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diagnosis. There may be good reason for not employing it,

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layed by stagnation of the blood, produce dyspepsia,

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by the ligature — and securely scaled either end, has now

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and lower zone of the body of the uterus. (16) Pain-

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" to estimate correctly the part played by Baker Brown in the progress

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Aphasia may therefore be produced by lesions of any of these centres, or of

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intercurrently in some cases of rheumatism and of the essential fevers.

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tinated. No intestinal obstruction. The right fallopian

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gastric irritation, worms, etc., if long continued may induce

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His recovery has been slow, with ups and downs, but my last

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distinctly connected with or originating fi'om the os planum.

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by active treatment. I may mention that so intense was the injury sustained

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passages was irritated with like material, a false membrane resembling

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