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apex. Spleen, normal, adherent to diaphragm. Kidneys : right,

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portions, and also vary in firmness according to their position. They

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he was questioned closely in regard to his early life and

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collateral circulation can restore the blood supply to the part; but, as

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ledge, than all the systems of medicine that has ever been published.

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the bruit that it is too ^exacting.' The origin of the

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mously. Chemistry Jias taJcen hold of these alkaloids

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children appear to be asleep throughout the paroxysm, while

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of the XIX century; and was violently attacked by word and picture. The scene is probably the

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ment. Since, however, most cases which come under observation

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The nerves form a network of the entire body. They convey im-

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two hours, or the paroxysm recurs on the fourth day. As a rule, the parox-

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ulcerative colitis, including a history of a total abdominal

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this may force its way down lower, and that it is a fibrous

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divided into two stages : the stage of stimulation, with headache,

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and this can only be done by the posterior method, attaching the

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occasion to notice how much more frequently the smooth,

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local, while in the others it is not unreasonable to

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but daily sometimes must pronounce sentence of death — a sentence

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diazo reaction; Riitimeyer obtained positive results in 85 cases out

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have been washed and rebaled at ports this side of the

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Laxatives are useful by diminishing the contents of the intestines, and

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Lieutenant R. S. Brown ; 7th Battalion H.L.I. — Captain A. P.

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many other facts go to overturn the doctrine still too gene-

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known fact, clinically, that gonorrhea does not present physical condi-

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When operating on my first cases I had the benefit of Mr.

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at the termination of utero-gestation the vaginal portion no longer forms a

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American Institute numbers more than a thousand active members,

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the value of glycerine as an intestinal antiseptic. In combination with digestive

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garicus Bacillus, so it is important to have the starters in proper pro-

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motile animal-cells act toward foreign sera as typhoid bacilli

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this part of the uterus being very hard and dense, and the re-

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bacilli ; 30 or 60 grains of the latter quickly removing all

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cussions in medical societies, nor is there any good

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