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referred. As the life loss is below the average, and as the production,

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Mr. Stanley Boyd read this paper. Maunsell's method of

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died at the same rate as the unvaccinated, judging by the be-

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numerous charts and diagrams, by Surgeon-Captain H.

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. C'LEGO, Dr., reappointed Medical Officer for the Whitworth JH^ipt of

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Mr. Anderson showed a Sarcomatous Growth of the Thyroid

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should be seconded, and the step filled up by a promotion as

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Gazette his paper on the above subject. The total number of

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Haswell, N. Richard, M. R.n.s, reappointed Medical Officer of Health

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house, being " imported" from Wath Local Board, a village seven miles

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present University and the various teaching institutions of

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provinces, and the relation to the eruption of cholera epi-

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before 1 managed to reach the hoiise after being sent for. This disease

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tend with a malformation of the eye ; one eye has never been

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always used to sweeten farinaceous foods, is capable of direct

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topical exaggeration of a general girdle pi,in. whk'h was repeated serially

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tliem opening off others, some of them with fireplaces, some

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Guy's. Hours of .Attendance.— Medical andSurgical, daily, 1..30 ; Obstetric^

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fusty smell is perceptible in front from this cause.

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tion, but handling the uterus caused intense pain and deeper

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much change in the practical rules of training, yet they will

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Second Class : S. T. Beggs. Queen's College, Belfast

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Wb understand that, in accordance with the rule of retire-

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cinated five days prior to appearance of eruption — attack

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to practise as a doctor or to be recognised or entrusted with

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children in Manchester was twice as high as amongst

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main at the head of affairs, with a " coalition " committee to

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Election of Officers. — The following officers were elected :

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accorded the merit of having proposed the operation of biliary

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" Amongst the carcinomata we have attached the chief im-

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who in 1871 by his courage and presence of mind saved the

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on the Surgery of the Air Passages and Thorax in Children

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Provision towards redemption of expenditure on Alteration of j

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Inquests.— The number of iuqiiests and magisterial inquiries held in