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Compensating for Research Injuries (1982): Thlt report addrested a tubject that had been
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its of these valuable methods of exploration. The results
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by inoculation from the vaccine pustules of a cow, afforded pro-
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performance of the operation. Within a few days after
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for historic truth. It is not, as would be supposed, a
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while nursing the child. The responsibility of the phys-
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site leg. He made a clean incision down to the bone and scraped
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set apart for the especial treatment of this disease and other de-
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from the service; was living and well nine months after-
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speaker, &c. At the seat of the pain nothing was
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difficulty during her labor, or immediately afterwards ;
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tion, but against which charges have been made or pro-
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the bone was touched, she ceased to breathe, and died,
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Resolved, That the Corresponding Secretary be authoi'ized to
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and a small quantity of brain, with blood, occupied the
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the vagina, drain and irrigate with strict antisepsis. If, how-
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Van Zandt, Henry C, Schenectady, Schenectady Co. Original.
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by a so-called preparatory and palliative treatment, to
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ties for investigation and the accuracy of our instruments and
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necessary before all, that he shall be in a state to support
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the mandate was fully obeyed. IS r or do we know whether
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ginia, at the time of my labors in Richmond, September,
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get that the attempt should always be made, for even
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hundred to seven hundred parts of gelatine in order to obtain
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dividual choice of the people involved. Education Is
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The first condition is very important, for let me tell
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valves of the pulmonary artery, the second sound is
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ence and of eminent skill in his profession, to examine
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off the urine, as the patient does not know its con-
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Alcohol in large doses, administered with the view of re-
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prints, or suffer such publications to be made ; to invite laymen
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with the liver. (Am. Jour. Med. Sci., October, 1852.)
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surprised at the silence respecting the Bartholinus glands, or
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to reside in a cottage close by this stream and just below the up-
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an individual has been disturbed, and a pathological condition
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we dread in this disease is the consequent affection
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appropriated by oxidizable constituents of the wine. The my-
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the hospital in the morning, and during the evening at
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ings and Transactions of the Medical Societies of neighboring States
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fully ligated the external iliac artery. To Dr. E. S. Gail-
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whereas, before the jacket was applied, he could not bear the