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great danger of modern surgery which is becoming more ap-

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On motion section 2, clause 3, was adopted as amended.

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anlage to come to the other side. (3) The temporal part has

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minded that advance paymmt is requisite to entitle them to receive the

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believe it is the opinion of asylum superintendents and physicians generally

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deceased when it was first ^^^^^B^n-SiquSrd. Accord*

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Dr. Storrar: I have great pleasure in seconding this

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Nervous System: Depression, insomnia, confusion, emotional lability, somnolence, aseptic

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Superintendence of Dublin Hospitals, brought before this

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urine, and only a little bloody serum. Subsequently they

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cial surgical cases, a sterilizing room and three wardrooms for

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exhibiting a number of blisters, and covered with a white or yellow coat-

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12; diminished or absent in 12. Oppenheim states he has never seen

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five to six minutes. 2. Staining with an acid stain (10% watery

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containing blood, may remain clouded for hours, while a urine containing urates or

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ment for bone cysts consisted of curettage and bone grafting,

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lesions in other organs so far as can be determined by the post-

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Richards, Fall River. Mass.; Report of Four Cases of

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had made since. When first seen temperature was ioo^-["5

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ly ceased — brought out into place and carefully attached to the

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qualters of an inch, but was easih' reduced. Twelve

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rapidly involves the skin, the cellular tissue, and sometimes even

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of two oppositely polar or "sexual" cells; the germ-cell and the

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cepting milk and tea, since the event. The child was healthy

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hold on the muscles, and being exceedingly vascular,

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Take the first portion — "That a motion for the approval of

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Fresh Milk Products. — Cream, butter, buttermilk, ice-cream, sour

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like the Caucasian, not at all. It has been generally observed, for

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is considered forfeited. The income of the hospital is derived from the city

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accepting such facts as Dr. Krafft-Ebing here sets forth. It is

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had occasion to observe the great delicacy, truth and beauty of

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unlimited quantities. Care should be observed that drenches

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disorders — and it may be simulated in its turn. With local affec-

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Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Limited.

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found to be the seat of the follicular disorder. The ducts

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Mr. Green, Mr. Key, and myself were reouested in ™ •