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compression, which if long continued may destroy the usefulness of
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retained so by adhesive straps. Flannel was applied to the leg and foot.
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felt better and stronger, and the weight (taken September 3d)
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with minimal and maximal extremes of 97^ and 99' F. During the
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those of the first group above mentioned — which Bostroem, Gasperini,
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portion of the various ingredients of different substances,
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Macroscopically the tumor consisted of a lobulated mass, measur-
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splendid enthusiasm and enriched by his matchless knowledge
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A special licence is required in Great Britain for such
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tient were considerably relieved for 12 hours, and the patient
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rhage I tried to separate the placenta from the uterus ; but only partially suc-
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year around. This requisite demands pure sky, pure air, dry atmos-
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of fatal cases is so small that there have been no thorough studies of
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of the skin, but that of a pustular type, like ecthyma, and not of an erysipe-
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Case XX VI II. — Girl, nineteen years of age. Subject
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ance of the actinomyces. Secondary infection of the pus is
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these secret systems possess merit, and it is not on the
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to it is only possible with complete muscular rest. If, however, the
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of this fluid containing also 4 grams of ferric chlorid. The presence of
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fering humanity, and which it was supposed could not be obtained in sufficient
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quackery in any of its phases ; it refuses to associate
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to the conjunctiva, and from there involve the eyeball. The danger
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been described by authors on puerperal fever. It may be ques-
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scrofula, and without fixed indications arising firom the peculiarities of
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stain (verderame) frequently seen in the germ-groove of maize
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but not of the bright-red color that we like to see. In this case, also,
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Infirmary of Newcastle-on-Tyne. died on the I2th inst. at
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in preventive medicine, to frame laws for the protection of the
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acid fumes. The latter produce a rapidly fatal oedema of the lungs.
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fect health, the disease spread rapidly in that ship, so that
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sequence of the active measures taken by the
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The dyspnoea would come on suddenly, there would be an arrest
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The question here arises, how can the destruction of human life and
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which its dignity and influence have been sustained has called
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