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losing it ; or perhaps from the despair of its acquisition ; or from the doubt of assist-
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officer of their agencies to exercise their power and
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scribed were the juice of six lemons daily, rhubarl)
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history of these cases, and the systematic accuracy of the observa-
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or ether, almost insoluble in cold water, but in a great measure soluble
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by the ^ipe talented writer. We trust he will furnish us with his own
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Russia and France, suffered greatly from the cold dur-
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and is warmly clad it will not have rickets. If the child is not thriv-
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uterine pregnancy, with rupture of the sac in the eighth
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fee., will furnish valuable substitutes. Muscular effort demands the
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The course of this disease is long, ranging from ten to twenty or even
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The Putrid fever, accompanied with Phrenitis, which prevailed in "Westphalia Hesse,
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mal solution of iodine has been found to indicate the presence of
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baths cease to be of service, and when a tonic form of treat-
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patient walking around without there being any con-
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and no more ; neither put -in a suture, nor did anything
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ooodylomata, erarions, and TilcerB^ la one cf the eariier symptoms af
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note of warning has been sounded in regard to the use of the salines
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position of the patient very little fluid will flow; (2) pass
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uncovered by anything. Very early disease in the optic
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Etiology. — ^The causes of acute yellow atrophy are both primary and
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softer than the rest of the tube. The mucous membrane was
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