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ation of the physician while taking the hypnotic ; such a

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that it is generally a direct irritant. In poisoning by opium, especially

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we are proud and before whom we are striving to lay down

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tributed to the medical journals, and edited Power's work

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found on subsequent examination to be the gall-bladder greatly enlarged

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evil of vast proportions. Indeed, I sometimes think

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curetting of the uterine mucous membrane, and the method had

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Berlin, klin. Woch., June 24, 1907; Elosser, Grenzgebiete der Med. und Chir., 1907,

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southerly winds and hot sun. As the natural consequence, miasmatic

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occasions, but no special treatment was ordered, for it was hoped

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to add, that it has been confirmed to us by a conversation with

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fection to the stomach and other parts. Hanging-drop

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H. ; -m»n?;-, B. 24 bap, B. 23 bape, B. 28 bmnon, B.

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elaborated by him and J. P. Sutherland, M.D., of Boston, at that

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Patients are sometimes attacked in the midst of good health. An individual

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Nothing could induce me again, even under the most favourable circumstances,

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dren, because they do get well. I do not know that we cure them

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and opium were continued, and taken alternately with a

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Brieger and Fraenkel also examined typhoid, tetanus, and cholera

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2. Anatomy, physiology, and pathology would lead us to place the

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by trying to make a communication between the ureter and the

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Lecture, preparations were placed on the table, and