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carbonate of tbe protoxide. In tiie U. S. PharmaropcBia it was denon

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the wine employed, the U. S. Pharmacopoeia completes the process by

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a view to their effects on the system at large. Dr. Wood confined hi?

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country, and after the rain has poured down for some hours

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activity as factors in the nitrogen excretion assay for endo-

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Origin, This is tlic variety r>f tannic acid which precipitates the s&lta

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monia, and the volatile oils of lemons, nntraeg, and lavender The

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be impregnated with the juice, and introduced into the external meatus.

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dve exercise is general, and more equable, and tberefore safer when tbe

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Enemata composed of ten grains of acetate of lead, dissolved in six

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successfully by the injection of the solution into the subcutaneous tissue

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the statement that I taught medical students in the The ward as

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the hurly-burly of the day's routine. Things cannot

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jecting tlie medicine at a distance from the scat of pain, as well as in its

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Modes of life, therefore, which tend to produce an over-elevated condition

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nervous stimulant, like assafetidn or HoOTmann's anodyne, occasion sleep

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is often so irritant to the fauces, as with some persons to render it almost

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clustered in patches, and scents the air of the neighboarhood wn'th its

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you start immunizing or bleeding, the body seems to prefer

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oenre. The excitement of a nerve, or of a muscle, always produces in

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any one part of the flora by the rather rigorous means that have

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smaller numbers of organisms caused increased mortality whether

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basis of a division of the general stimulants into two distinct sets, which

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the body by a mere physical process." — Elements of Physiology, vol. ii. p.

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it farms with salifiable bases, present in the contents of the stomach and

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under which circumstances it is indicated, and will no doubt often do

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epidermis; and the duration of their effect is usually inversely propor^

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it makes very good bread. Though it has been deduced

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All these parts yield their virtues to water and alcohol.

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both internally, in connection with other stimulants, and outwardly an

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Say a good fraternize. If you hear that a young fellow just

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