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septic it stimulates the epithelial cells which results
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fixed to the skin, and the rest of the wound closed.
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and careful study of the effect of heredity in trans-
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the iris becomes swollen, and partly to the irritation produced
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attack. Instead of administering castor oil ice cold,
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\^'HITE.— In S'~,rinn'field. Illinois, on Saturday, December
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niaker will demonstrate with the bronchoscope a case of
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probabilities are therefore that venereal diseases, if
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one owing to the greater traumatism incident to use
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infection and immunity, in the problems of cell di-
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its continued use, and since its effects soon wear off,
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the patient ; it causes no ill effects to the lungs or
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cough, with fre(|ueni choking spells, and became weak
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is liable to show, during the course of his disease,
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were sharply defined and slightly elevated. The reddened
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believe it just try it. I venture any physician will
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for instance, refers to a random visit to a locality
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County, N. Y., of a hospital for the treatinent of its em-
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20.01 per cent, other impurity, indicating a sodium
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constitute the court of last resort : they are sover-
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6. Ewing. Clinical Pathology of the Blood, 1901, p.
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largement of the spleen and liver. Marked prostration.
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-\ — great improvcnient in seven days, completely healed
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the nerve cells in these diseases and perhaps capable
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avoided or relieved only by the schooled physician.
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York Academy of Medicine on Friday evening, December
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the wild growth is richer in its supply of active con-
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frequent defalcation of hypercatharsis, especially in
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c.c. normal caustic soda solution, and when the re-
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importance reported, making the total 869, as compared
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fuse than before. No reaction noted. Again injected
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to his bed will prevent intestinal and bladder dis-