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cause or another, the muscles attached to the spine
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The Therapeutics of Rheumatism in Infants and Chil-
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In view of the comparative frequency of cerebral haemorrhage during
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Meantime there was a second recurrence and extension of the
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imminent danger of death, hypodermatic injections of ether
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lengthened, but that the pressure of part of the tumour
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hghtencd physicians warrants the clear, pointed, and comprehen-
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patient on his side, the knee of the injured leg can be
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and a mouse with spinal fluid. These animals have remained
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taken up and employed by those who are either unable
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tling it to be called pernicious. Pernicious remittent fever will claim a
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relative weakness backward effects are apt to tell through the pulmonary
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complex composition. None of them have yet been artificially
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luetic affections which exhibit a lymphocytosis in the fluid. In neuroses, on the
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twist ; something might occur when nobody was about,
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very rigid os relaxed in a twinkling almost after the apomorphia
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Collins, on the other hand, considers that the ganglion cells are genetically
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it is unsound midwifery. In the pathological secretions
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the growths of the skin obey the ordinary laws of pathology ; for example,
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'Howards the close of the long continued hot weather of last summer, Dys-
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for the time. It also suggests what is desirable to bring out in relief, that
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healthy. There was no history of previous disease of any kind in
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Circumference of right foot around metatarsophalangeal
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specific growth appear in the same regions without anatomical or clinical
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We are now in a better position to understand the effect of the various
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injected with the heterologous immune scrum met with the charac-
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<'ated knuckle of gut drawn out, and a small glass rod passed
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Hoard of Health, have now instituted a close quarantine of
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tant experimental researches of Jorschovsky • with refer-
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that the removal of a gastronomy tube is not the ‘death producing
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To draw out a complete list of the agencies emplo}'ed in the
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(onorrheal proctitis and patients being re-treated after failure
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six months at the Royal Infirmary, and a similar period