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of her Region. Finally, she assists in State and local
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prising if, with such acute reaction to some unknown poison, there
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now he estimates the coagulation point by blowing out the blood upon blotting-
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medicine. The writer believes, on the contrary, that
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ulation with respect to age and the likelihood of having a
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which such accomplishments arc not common. S. L., a
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on this account, believe that in his wards the fcype of disease has not
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garis, coccogenic sycosis, folliculitis barbae), with
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of this rule is to be enforced, but, of course, its success will depend on the
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The diagnosis rests on the acute onset, fever, pains in the muscles, joints
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quently. The appetite was good but she was afraid to eat. Many
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Mar. 3, 1920. Throat: Tonsils large, ragged; numerous crypts fuU of pus.
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Appears now to have made up lost sleep, as a dose is not followed
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and, particularly in young subjects, should only be
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cases within eight months or so must be an unusual experience.
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are practically indistinguishable from those of chronic valvular disease
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It is a study of the human body in its largest signifi-
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repetition of the procedures, the same persons asserted to have
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similar to Dr. Dudlield's, except that they avoided as far as possible the question
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invitation of the Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius
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tribution through the body takes place, and the stom-
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nated at the tricuspid. The sounds of the aorta are usually pure, as its
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penia is usually present in splenic anemia, there are a number of
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in a revolving wheel by being caught in the spokes. My recollection
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to hesitate about the desirability of the nurses wearing cloaks. He (the speaker)
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other aetiological factors also present, he would die of tuber-
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outbreaks of fever during the course of continuous in-
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" fasciculus spino-cerebellaris dorso-lateralis " (direct cerebellar tract), and
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but I gravely doubt if there be any closer relationship
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and, as remarked by Herpin, " tlie commentators of Galen and those who
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yas separated from its deep attachments, and the dis-
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Since then a number of experiments have been carried out
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Diastasis, or fracture-luxation: A genuine, complete
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ments attest the fall, and national tears water the tomb, of those
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especially just as one is falling off to sleep. Cramps in the muscles, especially
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down, when it is examined with a low power (B. & L. ); a higher
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the Institute for Cancer Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center. During
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excitation of cortical centres, but to transmitted irritation of the cerebral ganglia and pedan-