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these direct representatives three are to be elected by

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And this point is well illustrated, I think, in case 4, in which there

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Diagnosis. — When hematemesis has occurred one must consider the

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operable. In his series Bailey records seven where examination of the

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should ask for a .severance of the questions and give separate replies.

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is obtained to locate the abscess if the operative incision is made through

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animals out of seventy-five ; nevertheless, he sums up

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Chattanooga on Sundbsiy after the battle. This hospital

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a superficial nerve (a very delicate observation he states),

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All material other than scientific should be received prior to the first of

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Christmas, 1871. Different members of his family had died of phthisis,

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The Marshall and Potsdam sandstone underlying parts of Michigan,

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buting another and a most useful addition to the many elegant and

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tains a population of some 4000; there had been no cases of the dis-

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had frequent intercourse with his wife, who had cancer of

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ids, became associated in practice with Dr. F. H. Baum-

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in 996, and conservative treatment was adopted in 693, with a ratio of

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a nodular mass about the bifurcation of the carotid firmly

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(L.) Note on a simple diagrammatic method of

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work as men, especially during the period of maternity. Further, several

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that he had made a special study as to the distribution

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The liml^ will often then be supported, or fall slowly to the bed in a series

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noxious humours lodging In them, will sometimes so affect the brain, as to deprive people of their reason. At other

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valvular disease. The ostium was seen to be enormously widened,

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Leipz., 1801, X, 136-144, 2 pi. Also, transl.: Ycrhandl. d. x.

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On the evening of the first day, in the Arts' Museum,

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a change in the culture medium, I believe Coghill's conclusions

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office shall expire three years after the initial appoint-

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Dr. C. Eugene Gunther, 174 Clinton Street, by Dr. Westbrook; Dr. Edgar Elting, 658

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nated at the tricuspid. The sounds of the aorta are usually pure, as its

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With regard to the question as to whether the blood of the mother can

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therapy. The meals should be carefully regulated; the patient should

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parenchymatous hepatitis answers, as Sudd aptly says, only for the

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Finn A ^^JT^ ^1 '^••^ appointed Surgeon to the M Divi-

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and Ulceration," on " Secreting Structures," on the " Serous