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(b) Should these lines meet the eye of any (now venerable) pupil of that

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cases subjected to radical operation, in spite of which death

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aneurism) is quickly and thoroughly removed, and in the bottom of

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This treatment is given to a patient who has failed to improve

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at bed time and report at the office the ^as no definite nuclear membrane. In en-

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Dr. S. D. Gross, of Phila., moved that the Association tender to its President,

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nected with the thyroid body, tightly bound | surgeon ; and although the affection will of

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sand persons living. We now find that the number of

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which serve as landmarks, and by the relatively large size of the parasi-

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delivered with ease. In applying the blades there was some escape

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Jenks, M. D., LL. D., Detroit, Mich. [Reprinted from the " Transac-

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operation of division. By so doing, plenty of room will be

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of the functions, and dependant entirely on the organic actions.

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of eclampsia and Wertheim's operation. They stood out as

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malarial fever, but maintained a middle ground with a low

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yard, and passages, with a fair degree of accuracy, and it did not seem

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disease. The paralysis of the vocal cord produces a change in

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syndrome. No other complications developed, and the

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March 22. — Reports from Dr. Barrie at Uskub, Mr. Berry and Captain

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would feel >)bliged if you would insert it in an early

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The microscopic examination of the umbilical cord is without

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the names best known to them. Thus, terminology is largely subjective and

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to ask, could tuberculosis be recognized strate their e* 1010 ^ relationship, having

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hysterical, nervous, and excitable. The dark stains were ex-

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renal cells by the presence of water or salts in excess in the blood ; but another

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difficulty coaxed out. It was attached to a narrow pedicle about

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1900 b.— Idem -^Studies Zool. Lab., Univ. Xebr., Lincoln (36), pp. 213-226, pis.

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and uremia has been studied by Umber and Rosenberg {Ada Med.

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blind side so as to fix objects with the portion of field remaining.

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soldiers at the siege of Potidaea. Upon that occasion he passed a

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34. McMastet, P. D., and Rous, P.: The Biliary Obstruction Required to Pro-

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nence, and which Mr. Gamgee discusses, are numerous, the

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and for purposes of life assurance, should form an element in

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the formed free hydrochloric acid is almost immediately