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to repeat the experiment at will with constant results

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was the unanimous expression of the gentlemen present that it was the'

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Bacillus or bacilli, tuberculosis, in urine, ii. 302.

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Dermatalgia, or neuralgia of the skin, is a rare affection,

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rest are important factors in the treatment of shock.

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festations of syphilis, as such are generally understood,

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ly it is utterly incurable ; we may scotch it, but we can-

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78 per minute and was perfectly regular. He slept very

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held out of the wound, namely, an elevator of the palpebne used as a retractor. The

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mid-ocean, the expired air, and the air at high altitudes. They have been

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justly called the " Forest City," with its miles of paved and

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of Pouges, in France (which contained the carbonates of soda,

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this difficulty, and we can unreservedly recommend the present

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Treatment with laxatives has at times been followed

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permit the introductiim of the finger, and a very soft

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least 95 per cent, of the persons, subjects of infec-

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were about to answer ; yet he said nothing. He understood what

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numbness of the left side of the body, without, how-

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at that period. Anatomical drawings, of a very crude type,

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In addition to the causes mentioned above must be noted the

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who despaired of the ancient order of things, or feared the iconoclasm

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and distinguished clergyman of the Episcopal Church, who had

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effort to work up systematically the pathological material from

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to each patient. 3. The nursing should be conducted

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nasal passages and that of the internal ear by means of the

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chloride of mercury solution or, what I now prefer,