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mentally contrasting their condition with that of those who could

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lurses should be procured. A most important point is to

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NOBIS. — There are few epidemic diseases so destructive to life as

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could only obtain medical knowledge by apprenticing himself

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with a unilateral pupillary change. The redness of the face associated

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rare occurrence as to justify publication. The ovary

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tained in hospitals alone will not suffice, because the

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on the substance, it was dried in a high vacuum. As so obtained the

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likely to prove fatal by strangulation. The obstructive eflTect of the mor-

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followed the example of other nations in this respect.

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which in a day or two is followed with swelling of the

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creased. The one essential thing at the present time

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so afforded, and prevents the pressure falHng : by keeping the muscles

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science would be slowed as a result of compulsory health

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strychnin, caffein and camphor answer this indication and

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on a vertical line of landmarks above the hip in the male

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will be likely to be under the period when apoplexy is most apt to occur ;

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bidged forwards, and this may be accompanied by either loss of

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recently discovered and analyzed, which is called the Walton, or Iodine

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withstanding a bronchopneumonia and nephritis, went on uninterrupt-

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change which has taken place in the blood is not, as in

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etc., are common causes of death. Occasionally the end conies

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The admirable remarks on Herbals lately offered to this Section

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309 cases; tonsillectomies, 21 2 cases; appendectomies,

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2. True cutaneous erysipelas, which is an infective disease,

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sion of patients in need of hospital treatment. Specific testi-

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diluted, every four hours, alternated with tincture prickly-ash berries, a

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p. X- IV. But the litharge must be boiled in rain water, and dry ingredients

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sleep. In case 24, the patient was said to be ''always worse in bed

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patients, but to inspire fortitude, and to prescribe reg-

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haps quite decided forms of blindness do come on in

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