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gienic law, as applied to the individual and his or her offspring.

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of the crust covering a defect in the skin, it begins to send out processes in

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sible, and only time can make it certain with our present limited

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calculous pyelitis, calculi may be found in the abscess-cavity if ulceration of

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any stage of acute bronchitis than pilocarpine, because it

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clysis : warm water 100 grams, tannic acid 3 grams, gum arable 20 grams,

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struation, but appears in the middle of the free interval.

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Dr. Barry Coller has completed studies on the effect of plasma pH on

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general urticaria, otherwise feeling quite well. Report by tele-

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Fig. 105. —The "inverted cardiogram" from the epigastrium. A depression in the eardiographic tracing occurs

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Aedcs ccgypti, and the epidemiological evidence points very strongly

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shown cases of pellagra by Casal, described the disease in 1755 and gave full credit

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vol's ophthalmometer, and went to establish the rule

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ot the duct, the duodenum is opened by a the all important part of the treatment

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without taking into account " the permanent fist." This seems to be very

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— remittent in type, with irregular sweats, in the acute cases with ab-

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for the past twenty years. They have found that the

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reading, etc., for several weeks at a time, though eyes

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Only a small portion of the kidney seemed to be involved in the growth,

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View would appear to be borne out by the experiments of King, who

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are as diverse as the points of the compass in which they are located, may

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Now let him go over the same distance just as fast, and the

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must be productive of a proportionately effective and

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^^^l>tilonal cases that this remedy will prove unavailing. As long as the

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rung im Thierkorper. Festschr. d. iirztl. Ver. Miinchen

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Among the most interesting and yet most puzzling cases

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tiseptic, an antithermic, or intestinal antiseptic, but seems

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