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mation, each stage claiming separate consideration.
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Post-office Orders and Drafts on Army or Xnry Agents, should
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hysterical feelings come upon them, they feel compelled to yield to them,
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believing that erysipelas is not contagious, and that it is really
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has witnessed several epidemics of puerperal fever. The severest was in the
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beginning of life, and ev.ery setting sun be to you
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innatural movements at all the joints and dislocation at
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fissured than is usual in first deliveries. The reason lor interference in 42 cases was
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men, in the attempts at coitus for the first time, some-
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posure of the peritoneum^to sunlight, the anaesthe-
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He was admitted to the hospital fourteen days after he began to take
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frown. To expunge the alcoholic from our midst, it should
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cl,ot, though weakly, in the same time as much larger amounts ; while
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and rank, on the medical department ; and that war-
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patient suffers from a disease. It may place his reputation in his
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of life. In addition to exhaustion from oft-repeated attacks, the life
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what over three years ago, an insignificant swelling in the region
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tion follows the eruption, large shreds of the epidermis peeling off. The
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Henry J. Bigelow, M. D., Surgery (emeritus) ; Francis
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Michigan State Board of Health that twenty years ago Mrs. T. lost a
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indeed facts prove the contrary, and the most conclusive one
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A. D. Leith Napier. Roy. 8vo, pp. 322. Scientific Press. . Net 7/6
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insure a free and normal vibration of the drumhead.
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numerous follicular testes scattered over the dorsal portion of the medullary
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mimicry of tumor by hydrocephalic conditions is not unusual." Case
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degeneration was not so much the result of the acute disease as the result
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Upon investigating this uncertainty of the cholera-red reaction,
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was adherent yellow slough, and the central parts were red, raw,
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sometimes extending as deep into the substance of the gut as to
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atmospheric air. We have seen further, how slow and poor
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short distance beyond it. It is rather deep, and rather nearer
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countenance, vomiting and sometimes general spasm of the
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into the office of President of the Illinois State Med-
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The type is clear, quality of paper extra, neatly and substantially
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outflow for pure water was 56 seconds at 24°C. The pH of the