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at their instance. The Select Committee took no impartial

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according to the opinion of antiquarian experts — ^that the

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The meeting will be held in the buildings of the University

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1. Bedell, A. J. : The diagnosis of intraocular tumors of the

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antidote is albumen, and the white of eggs is the best and most available

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of dilatation. 'I'lie test-meal may show noiiiial acidity of the gastric juice

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osseous branch of the musculospiral nerve. The supinator longus muscle

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sensation from the presence of the mirror, which will

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and breathing somewhat tubular. Pulse 110, temp. 100*4°.

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they are more often confined to the lower limbs in ecthyma. Finally

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ing, such as obstructive sleep apnea, can sleep ten hours a

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some peculiar morbid principle in that part ; and the internal af-

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and Lloyd has recently reported a case of pseudobulbar palsy, due to bilateral

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exerts in tuberculous peritonitis and the possibility

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solution of chloride of lime on the ulcer, then oiled silk

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cently deceased John A. Shoenberger, an iron- master of Pitts-

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ground my belief, I may say that symptoms referable to

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cation being b^ rubbing it into the skin. He thinks it preferable to

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this time was not far removed from the end of preg-

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the temporal side, the iris was swollen and adherent to the lens, and

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surgeon, and published in three very large volumes (Paris,

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Hughes: How was his theory of aging received by the

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2, that a defendant has no absolute right to demand the en-

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fluenza, she was attacked by the gastric, and not the pulmonary, complication

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made use, in a comparative way, of human and bird tuberculin.

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dipped in water of a temperature ranging from 62° to 53°

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cases that one is not surprised to find a growing tendency

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in the condition to require them ; and hence, arguing

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associated with the condition ; and a comparatively large number of cases

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metically closed. It is scarcely possible to puncture too

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lar patient population have yet to be demonstrated.