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Surgeons, or advanced pupils, who had ever seen the small
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in all chronic inflammations of the genital tract which can be
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forms of strictiu^ of the intestine. In other cases a sub-paralytic state
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well set in grass, with a number of large forest trees. There are in all
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cepts upon a perfect familiarity with which his future usefulness as a physi-
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seats of the different tumors, but also because the reaction peculiar
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lie close to the place of meeting, so that any meeting at
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and too complicated to be referred to here. Marked differences in the
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delphia, Dr. Francis X. Dercum of Philadelphia, and
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The Colloquium, now well known, was intended as The Collo-
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gent and antiseptic injections. Two days later there
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These are, in brief, a sense of discomfort and fullness after meals,
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markable. It begins with the symptoms of an ordinary catarrh
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roaring noise, and by a snuffling nasal sound. The submaxillary
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where patients are unable to walk about they should be
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annual — Oswego), Rensselaer, and Ulster (quarterly), N.
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during convalescence, when the patient is looked upon as cured.
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The inhabitants of the East Indies are subject to a peculiar spe-
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formed the assembly that, on account of a severe domestic
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the oesophagus, larynx, or trachea may occur. Congestion of the veins
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fire, separate the dross, and run the zinc into an ingot mould.
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surgery was so largely practised that, of the 126 cases, only nine seemed to re-
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man's disciples will not ignore in any further alterations of the
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remedy is now supplied in tablets which can be readily
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L e u c o c y t o z o o n ziemanni, are really on ly the large forms
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your attention with some remarks on the practice of obstetrics aa we
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and is almost entirely loaned out at the present time.
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paraplegia and hemiplegia. In the former, the whole fore or hind
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should the fact be overlooked that in some cases of diabetes there may
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medical education that, seemingly, has not received from
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2 Allyemeine Wiener medizinisclie Zcitung, No. 34, 1876.
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ment, its strange mobility, its elastricity and situation, were