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anchylosis of the knee was the result. It was, however, one essential

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than the economic, for many of these industries furnish products that

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who have been treating diabetes will have recognized as early signs of

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Perhaps the most significant comment is that made in respect of

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the prolonged diastolic bruit heard ; while on the other hand,

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tiplies with extraordinary rapidity, so that in twenty-

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objects were used for this purpose, and among them the

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Signed : Name, with Christian Name at length Rank, Profession,

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no means easy. With reference to this differentiation, the antecedent and

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6e3h and strength continue. For the anemia and debility tonics are indicated,

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hydrophobia in man. There are, however, one or two important points

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AppHcation as Food and Relation to Diabetes. By F. W. Pavy, M.D.,

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the peripheral parts of our bodies, and the cells of gray matter seem

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Dominions, who are likely to be numerous in the near future.

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in human pathology — that tJiis inflammation always occasions

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part and thus bathe it in blood. Best diagnosticians have been fooled; do not

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shoulder); and, having regard to the muscular work only, we should

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of State for India in Council to furnish lists of the examina-

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Symptoms. — These are chiefly two : an inability to keep at rest while

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cific febrile disease for the following reasons: 1. It was impos-

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tals due to uricosuric action of drug, impaired renal

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as well as honour, and destroying the prejudices entertained against us as an illi-

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tinuing pertinaciously, and often refusing to be cured ; such is

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ren Stone, which was prepared by the late Dr. A. B.

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Case V. — Woman with bruise of tibia midway between

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cally. To assist this new mechanical preventive of seasick-

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said Barton's mode was to saw out the V-shaped por-

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which the work that keeps a man's body alive for 24 hours is

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keeping a diary, could find out later what he had been doing during these

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So-called benign growths may at times become malig-

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