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piniform plexus for organic disease and tumefaction of the adnezse
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lOlh. — The urine contains ten per cent, of albumin, is cloudy
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104° F., and did not go down. Alter ten, or even twenty,
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Dr. Archibald E. Garrod delivered the Bradshaw lec-
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anteversion of the uterus. There was a small polyp on
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tion of the child has been copied literally by writers for
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A painful sense of fulness after eating is common without any abdominal
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centre of the condyles, measures 20 jl^ inches, whilst that of
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place from a surface, or from the sides of an abscess. If from the
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the side, sufficient pressure is made. A little ingenuity will
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trip up one of the acutest diagnosticians of Europe.
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children of Mr. E , while sick with scarlet fever. Among the
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One of my reasons for sup'posing the possibility of this is,
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ance at Fort Brady, Michigan, during his absence. Par. 5,
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ably well, and there are cases in which this anthracoaia (that is, black-
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helped to make physicians a httle less patient in the investigation
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winter and by insufficient and unwholesome food. In the
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appendages (hair, nails), and its glands (including the
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volume of the exudate. At the end of five or six days fluid has in
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consequently the treatment suited to each particular variety of
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In the section upon staphyloma of the cornea, we find no mention of
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standards of health care, the enormous increase in taxes
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oil. I attribute the healing of the sores in some measure to
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has hardly ever been seen, even in Germany itself. We may
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study of the subject through the experience of many army
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(fortunately very rare) cases in which rupture of the uterus and
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to any other. How much better, would depend on the various
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Keeper of the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum.
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come diis pulmonary elasticity. Hence, should this be diminished, in-
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without benefit, and finally it was decided that the arrow-head must be re-
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