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nervous affections. From the fact, also, that it exerts a double tonic influence,

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subgroups. Ha, lid, and Ilh, showed the highest mortality.

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animals. A rodent ancestry has been ascribed to man on the

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before admission. I refer to this case later. There were

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unknown. It may have been uremia, embolism or thrombosis.

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disease resulting from infection or contagion. Among the acute affeo-

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by Stober in the May number of the same journal. Hard-and-fast lines

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what Osier reported. The subject has been well covered

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tion. It is indicated when the intestine is very friable

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system of proportions is all the more valuable. In case

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cal experience ; otherwise, these three several symptoms

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quality despite the hepatic parenchymal impairment, I

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Eclectic Review, died at Sarasota, Fla., on March 15,

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observed, but it appears that the majority of the fibers aris-

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Woodward, Wm. Creighton: The municipal regulation of the milk supply of the District of

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which it may be extremely difficult to eliminate the possibility

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seven years ago? I think this possible and probable. The vitreous is

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Some persons are strongly predisposed to disturbed action of the heart, and

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fect. These cases must also be considered as exceptions on

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inson, from whom he received the following reply: "I have

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pathology has so far thrown no light upon these questions, I

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we approach this subject, the first thing that we must

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Bacteriums, &c., could not have been derived from ova, since these would all

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It has been pretty \ell ascertained by improved telescopes and repeat-

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prietors published with the last Number. It is now an exceedingly scarce

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in the vegetations on the valves of the heart or large arteries

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crimes it is his duty to take his testimony ing the New York Postgraduate schools

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army shall be as follows: Staff, or regimental surgeon

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was permanently lost; the pujiil was at first fixed, but afterwards moved with

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plained." Scanzoni gives the following explanation of the occurrence

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We did not all agree with Dr. Sands in the views which he

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been numerous— this preternatural membrane in the trachea

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tremor ; in amyloid it is smooth and uniform, but indurated. They

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epigastrium, perhaps a little to the right of the median line, toward the