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Late Professor of the Diseases of Children in the Philadelphia Polyclinic ; Assist-

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generally of an acute parenchymatous, hemorrhagic type which was found

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Final in Midwifery begins — November 22 ; March 14 ; June 20.

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Causation. The manifestations of the disease have been known to

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and objects of this excellent hand-book, which has now been before the

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epithelium, in addition to its fat solving property. It favours

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local success as places of Medical education. As examples

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feature in mange, " has as yet been attended with great diffi-

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because it groups together very dissimilar animals, such as men,

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examinations made at different times. This repeated use of the

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anterior edge of the trapezius was observed to be tense and well defined."

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re useful by contributing to the two ends just stated. Opium is

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epithelium form an impenetrable barrier. It therefore

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hair growing over some patches while fresh ones form from time to time ;

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tion at the moment of luxation. It must always be a matter of conjecture, on

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think of these organs as likely to become almost suddenly and totally

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had put the new rule ahead of any of the older forms — the rule

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On this view of the fubjeft, our aiithor proceeds to explain

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2 to 3 months old to 5 grains in children 5 years old, repeated every

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bark of this tree possesses pretty active properties as

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been covered with a pine forest. This is the poorer soil of the

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Fleischer (E.) Ueber Zalinfleiscbfisteln. Zabniirztl.

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Hospitals, 140 beds ; City of Dublin Hospital ; Jervis Street Hospital, £12, 12s. a

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writers, in various ways according to the i^redominance of certain

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althougii occasionally some local lesion present before labor

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a rational bas'is for therapy. When we considered that

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1st. Upon a due supply of plasma; and 2d. Upon the appro-

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almost pathognomonic. That author has also called attention to the occur-

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what Osier reported. The subject has been well covered

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afjrc'oe ii la Faculte de inddecine de Bordeaux, etc. Paris :

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is the advocacy of 4s. or 5s. a year instead of 2s. 6d. and 3s.,

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propose, then, in endeavoring to accomplish the duty

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some sighed after. "UTien the Professorship of Greek in Marischal

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poliomyelitis was practically impossible, the clinical

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dividing them freely from without inward. There was not much blood lost.

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same time holds the position already attained. It incommodes the

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Imbecility. — The old idea originated by Lannelongue of