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' Flexner, S., and Lewis, P. A., /. Am. Med. Assn., 1909, liii, 1639.
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In beriberi there is often pain in the epigastric region so that the
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operative part has acquired by the excellence of out
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these observations, that these local developments are the result of con-
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times. Public sentiment is so exercised in the matter
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is succeeded. There ane many persons in whom the first attack of
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reinantes. Abeja m6d., Habana, 1892, i, 86; 112. — Pci-
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sion, delirium, mild or noisy, and hallucinations ; simple dementia
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2. Anatomy, physiology, and pathology would lead us to place the
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down into the lower part of the orbit, so that the upper part of the
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than in the case of V. choleras. The colonies resemble, under a mag-
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of careful observations, under various conditions, we perceive
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These showed many varieties: (1) Typical glia cells
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Hirough the urethra into the bladder. This will be done possibly every
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an application for their cure, but has stimulated them to
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tains its agglutinating action for a very long time, the sera of the poisoned
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alile to visit the physician, although their sufTerings
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after a fever. My own observations do not support this statement,
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To the author's text the editor adds a list of the of-
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These have been regarded as examples of either pemphigus or herpes,
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mally, the proportion of solids in a child's urine was double
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broad intellectual interests and, above all, his feeling of human obligation
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branch of the Sylvian fissure above and the first temporo-sphenoidal fis-
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urine, and only a little bloody serum. Subsequently they
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patient complained more of tlie pain shooting down from
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class of credit transactions is subject to require-
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with the least violence. The coincident performance
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moft elegant as well as ufeful works, in our own or in aiiy lan-
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healthy men with acute osteoarthritic symptoms of but
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with such hopelessly raw material as now fills their class-
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front had prevented the onward movement of the blood. In