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The Treasurer's report was read and was referred to Dr. Buck as the Au-

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of a sloughed piece of bowel, and she finally recovered.

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the entire generation of drug users. They of the same acts when the motive which

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and J. Langdon Brown do not think that idiocy is so much

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was paid to the connection. Prof essor Hack, in 1884, brought

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couraging as to warrant the e.xtension of the application

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pleasure again to have verified in official form, that Vin Mariani is not a

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of the entire country will endeavor to stir up interest in the com-

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fifty-four consecutive infants under 2 years, not suirering from any

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not sufficient to develop a murmur unless there be mitral contraction. Is

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senior officers sitting before him, and with the chairman calling

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until transparent. Add a few drops of sodium hydrate

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His judgment was excellent, and his strong, native understanding, pecu-

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followed by the secondary depression so often seen after alcohol. He

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1896, xxxi, 41.— Da Costa (J. M.) The treatment of the

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in its use in the methods of Bryant's triangle and Nelaton's

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doing ; but I cannot see any reason why this committee should not still further meet and

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cially the calf muscles and those of the feet, are particularly liable to these very pain-

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through the office window upon the sun glass, the hollow

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process of healing was protracted, but the ultimate

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system did not control vital function, but its continuity.

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an examination, even when the presence of a tumor is known to her.

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ous opening in the femoral variety and of the aponeu-

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nected with the thyroid body, tightly bound | surgeon ; and although the affection will of

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of disease (or their equivalent), morbid secretions and

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preserves pH. and preconditions myocardium during ischemia/

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loose within this cavity. The whole appendix was frail and

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I present the specimen to illustrate the value of the points which

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observed at lower dosage ranges. Syncope reported in a few instances. Also