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ing more universal and energetic action in the direc-
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ment is frequently abnormal, and that at its inser-
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cases in which chloroform narcosis was prolonged for three
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monia in the eighth month of eighth pregnancy gave premature birth to
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in plaster, but, if it is considered advisable, the method is to
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nized. The oppressed pulse is small or contracted; it is usually fre-
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early stage indurative changes are very likely to occur, making it sometimes
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dark brown even in the swarthy. The surface is composed of branny
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tainly such tablets should never be swallowed into the stomach,
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orous efforts should be made to prevent gonorrheal prostatitis.
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urinates frequently and in small quantities; in fact, the symptoms
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duced into the vagina and left for twenty-four hours. Six
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providers and 37 cents for private sector providers. There
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the other inmates of their workhouses. The result has been
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tion. It is urged that one of us was present at a general
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A New Journal of Paediatrics. — A new semi-monthly journal en :
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correction than to assisting digestion to combat the cause.
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miij^ture, but it is quite likely that a quart will yield at least 750
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such a luxation existed; and the second case related above,
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de therapeutique." {2/r.) M. Legrain, " Heredit6 et alcoolisme.
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iodoform drainage. I have never seen harm follow opening of the
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principle was pushed to the logical result of recognizing general hospitals
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in the forehead, which continued more or less until 1854, fifteen
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Hospital, was recently in this city for a day on an inspection trip,
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lesion. Ravenel and Irwin have reported three cases of cavity formation
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cases, both infants, one of 10 months, the other of 6
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in meeting May 20 to June 7. The Committee hopes to secure
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cremation societies, or to order their own or the bodies
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gitis ; and to two cases complicating severe erysipelas of the head and face ; and
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seriously that the microbe of old age exists and is trans-
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uterine walls. Here there was usually some disturbance
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of the gas produces serious irritation, resulting in spasm of the larynx,