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consider the theories that have been lately advanced of
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marked hypochondriasis, as it is in many cases. But since
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with regard to Carrel's method of treating suppurating wounds, there is
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sHtohed to tlio nbtlominal wonnfl and fit onro ojieneil. Al)ont
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arch., S.-Peterb , 1895, i, 711. — Powers (C.A.) Primary
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sutured in two tiers; no drainage. One patient with peri-
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the aid of this mixture, all sorts of plating — watch chains,
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the honour to submit to the Council — that a committee should
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obviously the only channel by which it can reacli the alimentary
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tive steps/ ^ And we should ever bear in mind that an early and
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ess and unprofitable dangers and hardships, from which
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squally S.W. winds, and frequent rain came to prevail along the
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the chemical eflects of the negative and the positive pole. I
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Doses: H. 2-4.; C. 4-8.; S. 0.8-2.0.; P. 0,5-1.0.; D.
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architectural lions. Finally they halted in front of a many-
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similar history, which he could not account for. He suggested
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on an errand that evening, and went to bed without any pain
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instances, by adding is to the nominative, as, for example^
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for two weeks. Thereafter the patient, now able to be lifted
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enters upon the discussion of individual diseases and their treat-
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potonic reflexes, nystagmus, pinpoint pupils, tachy-
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deaths that occurred under von Eiselberg's observation early
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seemed to have no effect at all on him. I then sent the patient back
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failure. Thus in patients with cavitary lung disease,
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minal and frequently the only generalized conditions that occur,
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imperfectly - oxidized albuminoids, glycocholic and taurocholic
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July 18th, Lieutenant Conway Ilillyer Arnold, Jr., of the ar-
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a stretch and then apply pressure upon the rib deformity, or
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The therapeutic use of a high protein dietary has revolutionized
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the remedy. Yet, upon the whole, the paper should be
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