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and, if necessary a sedative, for the pain incident to the passage
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It was noted that a low barometer and mean relative humidity invariably
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tary safeguard. Manufactured ice made from distilled water and
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may be few or numerous, and arc best displayed on the base
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rheumatism and heart disease. She had suffered from acute
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in tertiary syphilis of the kidney. The mercurial preparations are, however,
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more particularly as the curve is often obtained in cases showing
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This is one of the oldest fluids in use and the original
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charges" under the Major Medical Program; on August
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nausea, all day. Eyes red, inflamed, and sensitive ; smart, so that I can-
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are written on the subject. The hypofunctionating gland not only
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demonstrated in the blood of guinea pigs inoculated in later experiments with this
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had been renewed, after the removal of the original bone.
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while the opposite side gets thicker by its rebound, the equilibrium is soon
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brought on peritoneal inflammation, of which the patient died. Has-
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Hare's Text Book of Practical Therapeutics is in every sense
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On Tuesday night of last week a policeman found a man
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Niemeyer mentions the astonishing results he has noted
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been incomplete, and recommend that two or three skilled
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being in a state of tonic contraction. His eyes were fixed and
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p. 663, giving an insight into the proceedings of the
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morning of the 15th, when I caused him to be placed in the
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The urine otherwise shows the same general features which are
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Metallic iron is official in the form of fine, bright and
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9. Hft., 1-41. . Ein Fail von llikrophthnlnius con-