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flammation from neighboring organs. Lastly, some few cases of spon-
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much to be wondered at, if we recollect that in fish and in reptiles there exists
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form of tinea, the treatment has consisted in applying to the
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Cyanosis is an unfavorable prognostic sign and was present in prac-
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within a short time. Where the lungs are free from moisture,
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the cup, being careful to see that the blood in the glass is liquid, and
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traumatic and soft or semi soft, and in i case it was
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method of treatment. The other was a good case for treatment, but
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period, 22 medical students received loans from the
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We may here note the introduction by Unna* of an elegant prepar
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at sitting up, and thorax to be syringed three times a day.
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ance was to be placed on her evidence, as all the wit-
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unwashed hands, after handling the penis, in contact with the eyes,
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might work in experiments where the lead was simply
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tion is easier, both in terms of lip reading ability and.
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throughout the whole course of the illness nothing like definite
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toration has become of the nature of an habitual flow
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etiology of infantile scurvy and tending to remove the odium from
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sterling a week in order to gratify her taste for tea cigarettes,
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which one or more persons have died of the plague. The disease,
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The petals of Clove Pink are accounted stimulant, cor-