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Mayllower, which reached these shores in i6jo' Vc? !

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medical lectures at the Long Island College Hospital and

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effects of these same influences upon morbid conditions of the

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from a flowery field on famed Hymettus. Suddenly one bee

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>}> >5~» .^» ; ^> -^ -'-^ - &*^r%

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ted Surgeon to the Philadelphia Hospital, and delivered

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cine in homoeopathic preparations, you still find yourselves

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previous day. Continue lachesis, as before ; also the carded

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TTENRY FREEMAN WALKER, M.D.— Connected for over fifty

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visiting physician. As a native of Xew York City, and a man of

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dence of the esteem in which Dr. Bermingham was, even at that time,

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metre beneath the articular interspace. From this line the

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and entering upon the duties of his profession became a

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little circumscribed, are especially dangerous when the nerve

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the medical faculty, and held both positions. For a few years pre-

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to pay, and whose beds its poor adherents are forced to fill.

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dren born to them: Madeline S., born February 19, 1883, died in

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in Xew York City. He is a member of the Academy of Medicine,

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den, worked hard for twenty-one years, and succeeded. As Mr. Pot-

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international dermatological congresses, so that his standing among

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blank range, such as the following : Fissures, furrows, cul-de-

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distinguished for his researches and experiments on the heart 's action.

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and residence. No. 1027 Madison Avenue, Baltimore, Md.

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rule given in the Introduction, that only those symptoms should

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Dr. Luscombe of Fitchburg was elected to membership. Drs.

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scribed Edema associated with Hemoglobinuria," Journal of Cutane-

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the secretions, it brings with it various ingredients. When it is

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bors. Consequently he early received the title of doctor.

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Academy of Medicine library" was placed in the Library Hall of

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is carried both over and under the lesion. This ligature

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GoLDsroHK is recognized as a surgeon oF more than ordi-

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young men look to it that they be not drones or mere sponges,

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ner's physician about three years, city physician for the Second Dis-

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also attending physician from 1888 to 1918. He was consulting

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much as cold, or draughts, or moisture have very often been found to exert

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geons' Alumni Association, the Psysicians' Mutual Aid Association,

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The periosteum presents analogous changes. The innermost osteoblastic

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Diagnosis. — In well-developed cases it is not difficult to recognize the dis-

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narrow wounds often becomes haematoma, but this last

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Leonard Henderson, who was a judge, and two congressmen.

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American College of Surgeons ; a member of the New York Academy

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OtliXfCr ,), u,tv I. ikc^t *.<ffMli» K*i 1 »-*i.tlil M.iM.t<

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of Obstetrics" — to whose newly inaugurated editor, Dr. L. L.

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its dismemberment, the great-grandfather of Dr. Fisch attained high