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of this group is summarized in Table 12. Of these 137 pellagrins who
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4. See the work of Luthje, von Noorden, Mohr, Therman, and Falta.
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tion of deaths steadily increased from 8-2 per cent in the cases between
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We wish here from the following observations of various scientists,
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sooner than eight to ten years after the period of primary infection.
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content of the organ. Again, differences of thromboplastic activity
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ment was exclusively psychological. Since the time of Kant the sub-
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as for the age periods 20 to 44 years, and over 45 years. These data
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quent occurrence of negativity in the right auricle before the auriculo-
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act in every way naturally for some time after the heart has entirely
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Cases 4 and 5. — Bertha, aged 9, and Bessie, aged 6, children of mill operative.
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Thibet. I know of no record of any case of myxcedema which has
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cases perspiration is entirely absent and often has not been seen for
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when Pellagrin 959 developed the disease. Pellagrin 958, Mrs. M. W. P., another
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artery, the aorta contiguous thereto, or the transverse portion of the
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indication of a lower death rate in the later years. It therefore appears
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The sensations of touch, pain and temperature were all very slightly
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more favorable for recovery from the present attack but apparently
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should go to bed. There ought to be no compromise in this matter,
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In some instances a considerable amount of canned meats and vege-
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Complete removal of the diseased gland is the only treatment
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The natural course of exophthalmic goitre is by no means constant,
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to the nervous system, and lately to the thyroid gland. It will be
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and had otherwise been health}-. Her husband was living and well, but she
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of these veins, will therefore bring about dilatation at the point of
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He was given seven doses of salvarsan and seven intraspinal treatments
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ease, lung disease, sepsis, carcinoma, atrophic kidney, tuberculosis,
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Hughes, Miss Amy, Superintendent of Nurses, Bolton Union Workhouse ; Late Superin-
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undergoing chromatolysis and pigmentary degeneration. Chromatolytic changes
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nervous system mentioned can be traced as the effect of an acute dis-
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using the spectrophotometer, when once acquired, is relatively simple,
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Morawitz and Lossen 8 and Sahli 9 are inclined to attribute the
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ing heart power, to delirium and coma. Extreme stasis leads finally
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TABLE 8. — Coagulation Times of Whole Blood, the Prothrombin Time, and
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per cent, of the total recorded cases previous to 1910, but the propor-
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The maximum and minimum systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure
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tolysis of the derma and of the musculovascular coat of the intestine
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normal sequence of contraction ; variations observed in ventricular
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altogether, but there is always an increased frequency of the pulse.
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showed no stain was in progress. In many of these tissue culture
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taining 100 per cent. Then the percentages of fat emboli in the sev-
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form of Dover's powder gr. ii.-iii. at a dose; or the syrup may
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a fast, it is evident that fat is not to be regarded as an important source
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mia, icterus, and the toxins of the various infections (fevers). An