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disease. We know that most deadly diseases are now preventable. A

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the walls were so thick that it was found impossible to

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ing and return it to the left side of the heart from

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The attention of the medical colleges of the State of Ohio

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of the censure passed upon it by so competent a critic as


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sinuses and sets up a chronic inflammation with pus forma

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possible. In recent times Hober has expressed similar

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scription cut out with his knife on a wooden gate near him

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tenth month before the child was born and had seen her only

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dent and inferior Parts you caufe the Humours to flow

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temperature. Is said to have had a chill to day rigidi

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better adapting the Hospital to the needs of a more

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maining being already included in our own tables. Four of these were

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in another fifth the interval was between a week and a month

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until the tissues in its grasp were cut throug h the subcutan

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not only can shout and be heard but can also listen.

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DR. BOWEN closing the discussion I always place the cen

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ments threads needles cuts ligatures sponges out the

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diameter of a red blood corpuscle and often slightly bent and

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its manufacturing enterprize and for the beautiful picturesque

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malnutrition thus rendering them an easy prey to an infective pro

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the solemn protest of this Society against the action of

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them. They are often lined with a perfectly smooth poHshed membrane

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istration of these agents. In the presence of diacetic acid in the

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Since with the collaboration of L.Martin and A. Chaillou the author

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tion first that it was based upon a wrong principle and sec

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care than the radial pulse. The pulmonary aortic pulse

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bromide varying in their totality from Gm. grains to ounce saved the

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of magnesium. This action is accompanied by the evolution

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plaques were discovered from which a corrosive ichor was dis

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will diminish. Or letting the exciting electrodes re

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support. The bowels and secretions are to be regulated by gentle

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The general meeting of the Society will now be recessed

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these resources. It will always be a pleasure to us to receive any

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fession and they shall make an annual report thereon.. That this com

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ing almost to the surface and a more open plexus of valved

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complete the number of iwonty threo. consumption that it is by etfocling

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view enlarged glands could be plainly felt behind the malignant

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able substances during the second phase result from the autodiges

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described by i.ngell.o The patient was a child aged years

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twenty drops of hartshorn in a wineglassful of cold water

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probably the second coming of Christ. Soon became mildly delirious

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undoubtedly to rob each case of its individuality. Thus one group of

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