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coln's first call for 75,000 three months' men. He enlisted in the
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and invigorating relaxation lengthened, both for teacher and
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use of mental influences to as great an extent as possible in the prac-
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Cheever, in an article on the administration of ether in the " Boston Medical and
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mained stiff, having a tired feeling, particularly after walking.
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sented no unusual appearance ; but, on removing the brain from
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phase. The unsophisticated practitioner must now ignore all
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posterior fire, perforation may be accompanied by separa-
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the institution at Matteawan, New York, was erected and has since
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vitality in pneumonia. If the patient is very weak, Ruddock
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locomotor ataxia to be for a long time regarded as "rheumatic." Lumbago
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It has long been known that anaemia may produce functional cardiac mur-
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ous influence on the general system ; possessing toxic properties
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis, clinically based on the re-
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here let me call attention to the natural inference to be drawn
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sentatives of American " rational " medicine, whose names add
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ings on the treatment of disease, — under the title of " Recent
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no swelling of tongue, nor signs of inflammation of its substance ;
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of the stomach, and to the feet. I may here say that the bryonia
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in 1880, and ever since continued by him with unceasing effort and
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practically throughout his practice, and at present is senior attend-
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the Medical Society of Kings County, the Brooklyn Gynae-
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thought there was but little probability of recovery, under any
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be sure, in Britain and other countries there are medical pretend-
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but in this country, with its abundant liberty, with the varying
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our heads about what might have or should have been ; but we
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uate of the medical department of the University of New York (1853),
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A few remarks concerning our provers are in place here.
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ertson); and British Journal of Homoeopathy, xxv. 90 (Proctor)].