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plastic goitre has been superimposed upon the simple type.
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vomiting. This disturbance of stomach was finally so great that he was
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The application of the test is relatively simple, requiring only
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the control of the patient than is commonly supposed. The
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content with the patients on a mixed diet was below 1 mg. per 100
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gravity obtained in such specimens have only a relative value,
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temperature charts, as unless all were shown, they niight be quite
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and contains a great deal of information much compressed,
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the name of Cramer deserves to be associated with that of
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the study of the venous pressure has been neglected. There has
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responsible lesion was probably situated in the hypophysis, the posterior
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The author examined a large number of cultures by Wright's opsonic
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is that cocaine paralyses the sensory terminations in the muscles themselves
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in respect of the glands, and asserting that it should be centripetal, he main-
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this increase coincided with a lymphopenia. It is therefore possible that
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to a concentrated pituitary extract precipitates the pressor and oxytocic
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in the manner already suggested : he must consider also,
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• There is no evidence that the condition is an interstitial pneu-
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4. In some who were very slightly affected, their Illness was
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reaction was positive, and give in deatil one case of their own in
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specimens of gall-bladder bile from immune rabbits may contain agglutinins.
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were married to normal partners without a family history of cancer,
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muscular tonus is often at first neither diminished nor increased, the para-
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ordine, re vel mente, observaverit ; nee amplius scit aut potest.
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Vomiting and diarrhoea are common. Often there is no fever, and generally