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but scanty. The pulse is small, and of fairly high tension. In one of the

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ness was a prominent symptom. A strong infusion of it in cider has

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In males there is no analogous cause of disorder to the health. Tlia

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weak teeth, while the presence of a large or small amount of sulpho-

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out of doors. Even in cold weather outdoor life is well borne, as cases of

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tudinal fissure. Grey tubercles may be seen in these, and also extending

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decomposed when distilled at 40 mm., the lowest pressure obtainable.

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Wittirtuperior advantages for Practical Anatomy, it has also, by this provision, '.diw c""*^^

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symptoms ; in the writer's opinion the two diseases are one and the same

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conditions of the pulp. Carious, suppurating, and broken-down wisdom

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recovery was brought about, I admit to be the mysterious point ; but if

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exist before any other symptom of inherited syphilis has manifested itself.

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the internal coats to be seen through it. Hence, probably, arises the

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conjectured it might be the rupture of an aneurism. But not beii^

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do. of ankle, 2 ; fissure of palate, 1 ; do. of rectum, 1 ; fistula in ano,