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tion wonld contribute to the establishment of the nervous
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if not four, when membership in a county socie^ takes
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rence. Of the usual digestive symptoms, tympany is less con-
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Reference : Am. Jour, of Med. Scl., vol. clll, p. 396.
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a rabbit with a pleuritic fluid which had been kept in the lab-
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preferable, and I believe Van Arsdale's saw, if sim-
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to twenty-eight seconds with blonds. Only the disc ap-
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fully — for instance, one case was recalled with only 24 per
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of local organisations sufficiently harmonious and inter-
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rheumatism to two distinct factors. The articular and the
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existed some time before the first operation was performed.
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reported present in Michigan during the month of April, 1001,
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The percussion note over this area was Hat. Rectal and
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enforoes the action of the heart muscle to overcome patho-
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factors turns on the etiologic moment of the period of stress
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was no sign of a sprinkling cart until the air was full of dust
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may be some doubt, although this chronic disorder may
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a ntimber of points in the pathological physiology of
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Dr. Joseph W. Scott, Houston; John H. Evans, Palestine;
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of the abdominal muscles, edema of the abdominal walls,
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standpoint also the plan has everything to commend it,
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New Point of View. A. Bieb. — The many severe symptoms
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social circles one day in my office, for delayed menstru-
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three years previously, thus apparently excluding the
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did not come up the jriver until three years later.
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Helena, Ark., W. P. Goff, of Clarksburg, W. Va., L. B. Tueker-
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were considered, in the language of the editorial com-
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to the city medical health officer that he has brought the
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ficial results were brought about by protracted treatment
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attention to the water-supply, and Athens was provided
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to have had puerperal mania. Her mind remains unsound,
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Db. C. a. von Hoffmann also exhibited a teratoma arising
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the development of such a condition, while Senator,
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and as purgatives merely serve to increase the cramp. Koep-
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already dry, is thereby rendered very much more uncomfortable,