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The heart continues to act after other signs of life are extinct. Few poisons

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minished by change of position in the patient, or by raising the tumor

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centre, the result being a weakening of the muscular fibres. I

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lully ailMHuistorcd by Dr. John E. McDonald. The condition of the

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iios Hoyt, J. B. Taylor, A. Mason, Henry Cowles, 0. E. Hunt, A.

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The fourth edition of this valuable work needs no new word of

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secretion, muscular tremors and weakness, and frequent

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Very sparingly soluble in water, but swells into a gelatinous-

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calomel is gr.ii. = .12 gm. .12 X 6 = .72, or gr.xii. The dose

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articles composing the different diets for a day, avoirdupois weight.

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Acid, Gallic— H. & C, dr. 2-4. (gm. 8.-15.). Sh. & Sw., dr. i-1 (gm.

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2000 cubic feet of space to each patient ; wards not too lofty ;

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slowness of growth, during the first ten months, compared with the

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prescribe powerful drugs, as we cannot secure any degree

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the precipitation of uric acid in the urine or to aid its solu-

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deviation, similar deviations will be similarly estimated and a like

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as to include the circumvallate papillae, are the only parts concerned

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are only developed in course of time. The amylic alcohol.

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in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

serve, the whole labor devolved on him, and occupied him, he says,

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chloric acid first result, C,H,0 H + 2 CI = C,H,0 + 2 H CI.

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transmitted by me, as they are frequently, by extracts, synopses, or

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finally regain a perfect use of the limb. He returned to his regiment

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vations, larger than the granulations usually seen. The cortical sub-

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Medical Director of the '2d Division, detailed Surgeon Haven, in a

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joints ; careful directions regarding treatment and operation, and a list

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Patient was brought into Hospital on Tuesday, March 17th. Pxe-

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and removal to the North, they would soon regain their health.

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The aromatic spirit of ammonia nearly resembles ammo-

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Prance and Germany. They are oblong, cylindrical, some-