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jority of its members that the title of Doctor rather
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or from the vestries) to each of the metropolitan hos-
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paUid ; pulse 130 ; skin cold and clammy. The pulsa-
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you to give him every night such a quieting medicine
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scanty ; rash more general ; sucks more willingly ; seems
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side of the arm, and the humerus cut through immediately below the sboulder-joiut. Most of the wound healed by ihe first intention,
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sometimes attained a very large size, if a large vessel - diseases to which they belong, the imperfectly formed
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plasmata, cytoblasts and nucleated cells, and great
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teric, and in relation to it Dr. Gairdner remarks : —
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patient. It was one of the duties of the Society, not
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The article in a late number of the Jottexal by Dr.
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doubt that he was still in a bad state, though it was
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wife. It appears that Mrs. Pritchard some four weeks
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AVhen the luxation is single, the diagnosis is easy,
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fluent Pox; and therefore it will be convenient for
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main for two or three minutes in the sac ; and if sufficient irritation is
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be so supplied should be specified and excepted from
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mation. The following passages relative to practical subjects
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condition of soldiers, and in the prosecution of this important object,
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Ceylon, which, after all the numerous works on ' the